About PP Consulting Telecommunications Media

PP Consulting Telecommunications Media is a specialist telecommunications/media economic consulting practice owned and operated by Dr Paul Paterson.

PP Consulting provides strategic and operational economic advice on commercial, regulatory and policy matters in telecommunications and media markets, in three key areas:

  • Convergence-driven industry structure and market competition developments (including the ongoing relevance of exclusive content rights to prime content), and how policy-makers and regulators are responding to these changes
  • Comparative investment and competition models and regulatory approaches for next generation broadband networks – and the economic and social benefits of such investments
  • Universal service obligation (USO) policy and operational models for both vertically-separated and vertically-integrated industry structures.

PP Consulting helps commercial clients save on costs while maximising revenue through a clear, practical and commercial understanding of the likely regulatory pressure points, and how to best address them, in the current rapidly converging market environment.

It also assists government policy-makers identify and implement regulatory frameworks and policy initiatives to strengthen the growth of, and benefits from, telecoms and media markets.

The Executive Director of PP Consulting, Paul Paterson, brings to clients important insights from a unique combination of PhD-level qualifications in economics and 20 years hands-on regulator, executive, operational and advisory experience in telecoms and media.

Paul has a deep knowledge of telecoms and media policy, regulatory and market developments in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and how this compares to developments in North America, Asia and Europe.

His consulting clients in recent years include:

  • Federal and State Governments
  • Telecommunications and internet service providers
  • Pay TV and other media companies
  • Investment banks, cable investment consortia, and property developers

Paul is an Associate Consultant with leading ICT advisory firms Consultel and Ovum Europe.

PP Consulting Telecommunications Media provides the highest quality strategic and operational advice at affordable prices suited to today’s economic climate. This is achieved through rigorous overhead cost containment, and where suitable the closely-guided use of clients’ analysts for detailed company- and sector-specific data collection and modelling.